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Jo Buyl

Dany Franssens has a very inspiring approach. His approach and coaching sessions, provided me with new insights into what gives and takes energy. The follow-up sessions helped me to turn these insights into practice.

Dany helped me to better understand myself and to make the right decisions that give me positive energy, both in my professional and my private life.

Johan Vencken

In June 2012 I resigned because I no longer stood behind the growing demand for more revenue and margin, without giving more service to clients. After numerous internal assessments it became clear that I did no longer fit into the profit business. I took a sabbatical giving myself the necessary mental space to thoroughly think about my future.

Traditional assessments gave me very little or no result, but Dany Franssens talked to me about ValuesManagement®. This tool did not assess my skills and stress resistance, but assessed the values and motivations that drive me every day. The coaching sessions made me conclude that I had to leave the profit and margin story, despite the fact that I liked sales and marketing very much.

My main drive is idealistic: helping other people without putting my own profit on the first place. In addition to this finding, I also realised that, in addition to my professional career, I already had another career of 22 years – a passion – in the non-profit sector (Heritage and Tourism) and that those 22 years had given me more pleasure and satisfaction than my professional career.

However, the idea had never occurred to me to build my professional career out of my passions. Along with Dany, I drew up a strategy with the goal to turn my passion into my profession.

And it has worked! On January 1, 2013, I started as an independent Heritage and Tourism Marketeer and Non-Profit Business Developer. I work exclusively for non-profit organisations or companies for whom profit (maximization) is not their goal but a way to achieve a higher goal. Every day, I practice my passion for heritage and tourism, and I am still active as a sales and marketeer. All my passions and motivations have merged into one great job!

I don’t regret my decision. Every day I say to myself how much I actually love my job and how little it feels like "working". And this thanks to the ValuesManagement® assessment and coaching sessions.

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