business coaching | our vision

the sansoka direction

Business coaching is subject to different interpretations. People sometimes confound the activities of a trainer, a mentor or a coach.

Coaching is a goal focused, result oriented, client driven and systematic process where a coach enters into a formal and equivalent relationship with a client. He works with the process.

A trainer tries to educate defined competences. He works with the content.

A mentor works most of the time in the same organisation and shares his experiences. He works with his experience around the internal content and proces.

Our vision on business coaching

sansoka focuses on the development of the individual with a positive impact on his organisation. We participate in what makes him exceptional.

It’s about realising the impossible future and not about filling up the gap of leadership competences. It’s about defining a successful action plan, not about defining a fuzzy theory.

We act as a transformational medium not as a provider of business tips and techniques. We always have a look on the dashboard.

Our coaching relationship is frank. We act as a passionate coach in an open, direct and challenging way.

sansoka focuses on sustainable improvement. As an external coach, we offer confidentiality for strategic thinking and exploration.

We invite you to explore how we may support you, your team and your organisation.