our approach | our methodology

the sansoka direction

Our methodology

We explore together with the client :

  • Goal – the preferred outcome
  • The Reality, the problem and the context – the current situation
  • Resources and energy sources to achieve the preferred outcome
  • Options and alternative solutions to achieve the goal – ‘out of the box’ thinking

We challenge the client's involvement and decisiveness and guide them towards success :

  • Will to change and take concrete actions

Seven coaching competences

  • Explore
    The art of listening and letting speak
  • Recognise and strengthen
    The art of creating a solid foundation
  • Interact involved
    The art of accommodating and counteracting
  • Challenge
    The art of stepping out of the comfort zone
  • Inspire
    The art of enlarging the perspective
  • Permit and provide space
    The art of accepting all manner of situations, emotions,…
  • Relax
    The art of humour, interaction, and energy
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